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Friday, 13 June 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 14th - 15th June 2014

Living with Down syndrome 
The Feed, SBS 2 TV, 11th June 2014 (7m 48s)

How is he doing?
Jennifer Jacob, Blessings Beyond the Ordinary, 9th June 2014
A loaded question that causes me to stop and think nearly every time.

"How is he doing?"

This comes up in many different venues from close friends or family to complete strangers that seem to be in on our little extra chromosome secret. Why is it loaded? Mostly because there are a million ways, it seems, to answer the question. Also, because I sometimes find myself more questioning the intent of the question, rather than taking it as just a question ...

Tale of Inclusion: Down Syndrome and Violence at the Play Area
David Perry, How Did We Get In This Mess, 29th May 2014
... at a public play-place her son was hurt by a child with DS and she didn't know what to do about it, because how can you blame a child with DS for anything? I offer the comment in full and then my response ...

How Long Can We Wait for Inclusive Education?
Think Inclusive (Podcasts) #10, January 2013
(Tim Villegas) had the pleasure of visiting with Cheryl Jorgenson one evening in January of this year ... discuss(ing) why it has taken so long for inclusive education to catch on in the United States and what needs to happen to break the barrier for it to become part of best practices for education. She even gives me advice on whether I need to quit my job or not. You will not want to miss her surprising answer ...

My Perspective Photography Award (UK) - winners announced
DSA (London, 5th June 2014
Congratulations to outright winner, Stephen Thomas, and equal second place winners, Tim Beale and Rosika Edmund.  All 25 award winners and runners up entries can be viewed online. The runners up include Carlos Biggemann, who now lives in New Zealand, and attended school in Sydney for some time.

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