Thursday, 5 June 2014

Turnips and the NDIS ...

The Laughing Turnip
This short, original video was a hit with the audience when it was used as part of a service providers' conference presentation by Jackie Softly and Samantha Connor, this week in Sydney. 'The message, to service providers, is that rebranding and re jigging your agencies isn't enough if you're serving the same old services. People need choice and good information so they can make informed choices regarding their services under the NDIS.'

We can put you in touch with Jackie and Sam if you want to know more about their work (or to contact the actors for a project!).

With the advent of the NDIS and a new direction in self directed services, some service providers are choosing to do new things in a way that their customers want. But what happens when you 'rebrand' and keep the status quo?

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