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Weekend reading and viewing: 21st - 22nd June 2014

Yes, my son, an adult with Down syndrome, lives with us
Mardra Sikora (guest blogger), Finding Beauty in My Brokenness, 13th June 2014
The first thing you should know is this: Marcus lives with us, not because he has to but because we want to live together. Like millions, really well over 6 million, families with adult children who live “at home” in the US today, this is the best option for us right now ...

Fatherhood: It’s all about love
Lisa Larson, The Spectrum, 14th June 2014
If there is one thing Bob Sonju’s face exudes when he looks at his two oldest daughters, Macey and Madi, it is love. ... While most parents feel that their children are unique, having two Down syndrome children in the same family, when neither parent has any predisposing factors for the syndrome, is truly one in a million. And it was certainly not what Bob and his wife, Leslye, were expecting ...
Last Sunday was Father's Day in much of the northern Hemisphere - this article is one of a number circulating about/by fathers of people with Down syndrome.

My Two Kids With Down Syndrome and I Found a Place to Be a "Typical" Family
Stephanie Practico, Huffington Post (blog), 17th June 2014
... Special Olympics is where we go for sports training and competition. My children need to be in a place where despite their disabilities they are among their peers, can have the same experience as any other child and are valued for their special abilities. It is so wonderful to have a place in the community where we can be a 'typical' family ...

Here, Now
Dave Hingsburger, Rolling Around in My Head, 18th June 2014
I was at a meeting the other day where one of the speakers was saying that some of the work had been put on hold because ... because ... because ... the self advocate who is part of the team is on her honeymoon ...

5 Reasons Your Business Should Hire Someone With An Intellectual Disability
Amy Wright, Maria Shriver, 18th June 2014
... in the spring of 2013, Ben decided it was time to make his professional life as authentic as his personal life. He resigned as vice president at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and opened Dye Creek Capital, a full service investment practice with a focus on employing people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities ...

Getting away with murder
Craig Wallace and Samantha Connor, Ramp Up, 18th June 2014
Media reports on homicides of people with disability, particularly those with intellectual disability, are frequently sugar-coated and euphemised. This only serves to diminish the value of those who have lost their lives ...

Time to let go of the medical model
Jarrod Marrinon, Ramp Up, 17th June 2014
Jarrod Marrinon says the source of negative attitudes about disability is people with disabilities themselves. He says it's time to leave the medical model of disability in the doctor's room and to take responsibility for changing these attitudes ...

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