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Thursday, 3 November 2016


Access and Inclusion Index - a business tool
Australian Network on Disability recommends that businesses check how their operation
 'stacks up when it comes to including people with disability' by using the Australian first, the Access and Inclusion Index that helps organisations understand and improve their disability confidence. Find out more at

What does work mean to someone with a learning disability?
Rachel Clayton, Stuff (NZ), 7  October 7 2016
Two weeks ago a man with learning disabilities was dismissed from his position as a trolley boy at Bunnings for taking a bottle of drink he thought was "nobody's" ... Having a job is important to most of us, but perhaps especially so for people, like Clark, who struggle to be valued as someone who contributes to society ...

Disability groups back targets to boost lagging employment rates
Rebecca Hyam, The World Today (ABC), 11 October 2016
Some of the country's biggest corporations have been coming under fire during the current annual general meetings season for linking lucrative CEO and executive bonuses to non-financial targets for diversity, sustainability and culture ...

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