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Friday, 11 November 2016

Weekend reading and viewing: 12 - 13 November 2016

Down syndrome answers
Canadian Down Syndrome Society, November 2016
The best people to answer questions about Down syndrome are people with Down syndrome. We found the most-asked questions on Google and asked 10 Canadians with Down syndrome to give their answers.

Looking Back on a Down Syndrome Diagnosis 4 Years Later

Dan Sheehan, Medium, 9November 2016
This is a story I have been meaning to tell in full for quite some time, because I too was once in a position on the other side of that screen looking for advice, answers, and some way to make sense of the onslaught of emotions and uncertainty raging through me at the time. Know that this is nobody’s fault, you are not alone, many have been where you are right now, and many will be in the years to come. As of this writing my youngest daughter, Teresa, is four years old (today is her birthday) which has put me on this path for a little over four years now ...

To Myself on the Day My Son Was Diagnosed With Down Syndrome
Nicole DiGiacomo, The Mighty, 7 November 2016
I constantly wish I could go back to that day. Sit down and talk to myself when I first heard the words “Down syndrome.” When the blood test came back, and then the amnio. I remember the gut-wrenching feeling like it happened just this morning ... I write to tell you the real story — what really happens after you get a Down syndrome diagnosis ...

'My Feral Heart' review – life after keeping mum
Wendy Ide, The Guardian (UK), 6 November 2016
A terrific central performance from Steven Brandon, a young man with Down’s syndrome, is the driving force of this heartfelt British independent picture. In a neat reversal of expected roles, Luke (Brandon) has become the care-giver for his prickly but loving mother. However, when she dies, the authorities ignore the fact that he can and does live independently and shunt him into a residential care home. A sequence in a car, in which the camera rests on Luke’s face as he mourns both his lost mother and lost independence, is achingly poignant and beautifully acted ...
  • This movie has just been released in cinemas in the UK - we'll be looking out for it to be available here in Australia.
Review: Finding a way' by Graeme Innes
Kevin Bain, Independent Australia, 08 November 2016
This was the election slogan for Tony Clark, a blind candidate for the ALP in the recent federal election. It’s no surprise that lesser-sighted people will use their other senses to greater effect to “find a way” as Graeme Innes AM puts it in his autobiography ... There’s forthright inside commentary here about the personalities and trials of government and politics – the sausage making we call the legislative process – and his aspirations for people with disabilities. The “invisibility cloak” he talks about – where the waiter/shopkeeper/taxi driver talks to the person with him (or his dog!) – is a constant reminder of how silly the rest of us can be, although he observes that sometimes he doesn’t get presented with the bill!

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