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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Latest issue of International Journal for Direct Support Professionals: Understanding Pain

OUCH! How Understanding Pain can Lead to Gain when it Comes to Supporting Those with Developmental Disabilities
Lara M. Genik, Tamlyn Freedman-Kalchman, C. Meghan McMurtry, and Yona Lunsky, International Journal for Direct Support Professionals,  Vol 6 #5, May 2017

... For many years, people have wondered if individuals with DD experience less pain, more pain, or experience it differently than those without DD. Some people even wondered if those who engage in self-injury didn’t feel pain. Researchers have been trying to find out the answers to these questions, but still aren’t totally sure. We do know that people with DD may respond more slowly to pain and express it differently than those without DD. We also know that even people who self-injure can feel pain. And most importantly, we know that true insensitivity to pain is extremely rare. So, as direct support professionals we should always assume that the people we support can feel pain ...
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