Friday, 19 May 2017

Weekend reading, listening and viewing: 20 - 21 May 2017

... Gretel and Vanessa and the whole Cranfield family would teach me a lot over the next 15 years. A few years after that day in the park, another friend of mine had a baby who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome on the day he was born. 
Like Vanessa, this friend had no idea that the baby she’d been carrying had a disability. And as she struggled in those early days and weeks and months to process the radical, unexpected change in her life and the life of her husband and other children, I remember her saying “I can cope with the idea of a Down Syndrome child but what about when he becomes a man? I just can’t get my head around that.”
Well, Vanessa’s daughter Gretel is very much a woman now. She’s in her early twenties and her disability and the way she interacts in the world and what she needs from her parents continues to change ...
Mia Freedman and Vanessa Cranfield, Mammamia
17 May 2017
  • The article is a transcript of the first part of the main podcast. There is a short extract of the podcast linked in the middle of the article, and the main, longer interview is at the bottom of the article.
... Since he is an authority on the leading edge in Down syndrome research, I quizzed him during our appointment on a lot of topics that keep coming up in the DS parent community. I have been using that information in private conversations and forums to help other parents make scientifically informed decisions for their children with Down syndrome. When we started this blog, I reached out to Dr. Skotko for an email interview, and he agreed enthusiastically ...
No BS About DS, 17 May 2017

With over 260 college options, the future is looking bright for students with intellectual disabilities. I can see the headline now: “Twin Brothers Graduate Side-by-Side, Accepted at the Same College”. 
I can see my precious boys, now men, stepping onto the platform hand-in-hand, receiving their diploma’s together ...
Inclusion Revolution, 7 May 2017 
This photographic portrait project's aim, is to challenge any preconceptions people have about individuals who have a learning disability. The photographers brief was to look past the disability and focus on ability, personality and uniqueness. This film captures the journey we went on and the empowerment everyone who was involved felt. The images are honest and beautiful.

... But on the subject of disability, I found a Jesus that is, frankly, disappointing. He usually does precisely what disability advocates rail against. He reinforces the idea that the disabled body is broken, damaged. He treats the disabled body as something to fix ... My daughter attends church every Sunday, and, thankfully, no one tries to heal her. But I still seek a more promising disability theology ...
Heather Kirn Lanier, America Magazine
7 March 2017

Movies can have big impacts on people's lives, but not many films can say they've actually changed the law. Enter Irish film 'Sanctuary' about a couple who want to be together but face huge obstacles ...
Tom Power, Q, CBC Radio (Canada)
10 March 2017
  • Includes a link to the film trailer and to a 16m interview with the film maker

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