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Thursday, 18 May 2017

News and commentary from and about the broader disability community

Group homes for people with a disability must be phased out to prevent abuse, academics say
Alison Branley, ABC News, 17 May 2017
There are growing calls to phase out the practice of placing people with a disability together in group homes amid growing reports of neglect and abuse.

More than 100 academics have published an open letter calling on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to hold a royal commission into abuses and neglect in the homes ...

... the disability community is one of the most diverse marginalized groups out there. There are thousands of different types of disabilities — physical and mental, visible and invisible. Even as different disabled people, we have the privilege of not knowing what it's like to have disabilities other than our own ...

Raising a cup to Sutherland Court volunteerThe Leader, 7 May 2017
Catherine Lukic said she has gained immense confidence through her role at Sutherland Court. She is one of three people who spend their days in court volunteering to help people with intellectual disability navigate the legal and criminal justice system ...

Do you live here?
Sam Connor, Clickablog, 2 May 207
‘Do you live here?’

I was amused. The little boy asking the question was maybe five years old and he was looking at me seriously. We were in one of Perth’s major shopping centres and I’d stopped my wheelchair to retrieve my mobile from my bag.

‘No, I don’t,’ I said, grinning. ‘Why did you ask me that, kid?’

Dave Hingsburger, Of Battered Aspect, 9 April 2017
...The natural state for people with disabilities, or at least people with disabilities that look like me, is alone. People have trouble thinking of us as being part of a loving social group. People seem to actively want to think of us as sad, isolated, people, loved by none, included by no one ...

Oakden - segragation of vulnerable people and translating learnings into culture
Catia Malaquias, SWJ- IncludEd, 29 April 2017
... the Report found a dominant culture at Oakden that devalued vulnerable people with significant intellectual and cognitive disabilities entrusted to their care. A finding that resonates with the findings in November 2015 of the Community Affairs Reference Committee of the federal Senate in its report on “Violence, Abuse and Neglect against People with Disability in Institutional and Residential Settings” ...

Quarter of kids in parts of Cape York are intellectually disabled and not getting help, report finds
Kristy Sexton-McGrath, ABC News, 27 April 2017
Indigenous leader Noel Pearson wants an inquiry into Queensland's Education Department after a report found a quarter of students in some Cape York communities have an intellectual disability but not getting the support they need ...

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